Friday, 3 August 2012

Regionals at Addington

Well, we had our Open Novice and Elementary regionals with Wilehmina, owned by Carolyn Alston and, Disco Diva owned by Lynne Hawes.

Wilehmina, aka Millie performed calmly in the Novice gaining 68%, but was more tense in the Elementary as really it was an edcuation for her, seeing as she has only been in full training for 1 year after having 2 foals.

Diva was a gem and again, although not that experienced in Elementary, worked her socks off with less tension than ever before!!! Placed 6th with 66%, I was thrilled as we await her Novice regional in a weeks time! I'm sooo looking forward to it, and along with some extra BD training seesions I hope we achieve all that is possible with her at the mo!!

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