Sunday, 2 September 2012

Little bit late I know.....

Disco Diva won her regional Championships at Oldencraig EC on 12th August.

We were all thrilled if not quite shocked!!! I had a secret hope she could do it, but once we arrived I watched a few tests and saw some very big flashy types.....I thought, "oh dear, today is not our day", but I decided I would not change anything, and warmed up as normal and thought "hey, what have we got to lose..?"

To me, the test felt I had done too much work to keep everything active and correct, so thought that it had looked messy!!!

But then our result came through late, and low and behold we had topped the open novice with 72.4%, a good 3% clear of second!!

My mum (owner of Disco Diva) then later confessed that the test looked good, and didn't say anything as she knows how hyper critical I am, and as I had already stated I was not happy, she knew best to keep schtum!!!! I can be very stubborn at times and single minded - thankfully I have a good team around me who just ignore me!!!!

We thouroughly enjoyed the mounted prize giving - more of those please! - and even got our picture in the Horse and Hound!!

A very good day for all : )

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